San Francisco

June, 2018

This city blew me away! I did not expect to love it as much as I did. Granted, I did get engaged in San Francisco, at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, to my amazing, talented Fiancée and artist, Slawek Kasolka. But the city itself, is so diverse. There were the breathtaking mountain views, the Red Wood trees, the urban city with crazy hills and beautiful architecture, the vineyards in Napa Valley, Alcatraz, and the list goes on. Sorry NY, I now have a new favourite American city.


June, 2013

Now this was the favourite trip to date. My mom and I toured around ROME, FORENCE and VENICE. Absolutely beautiful and delicious.

 For more pictures, check out my book.




PARIS, France -  My favourite place on Earth (so far)

Unfortunately I only had two days to spend in Paris, but I enjoyed and captured as much as I could, in that time. I have never been so in awe, and excited about a city.  Not even NYC the first time, which was very exciting. In Paris, everywhere you look, you see beautiful food, art, architecture, and history. J'adore Paris!

London, England 

London is wonderful. I spent 2 days walking around, camera in hand. I did not have time to see it all, but what I did see was beautiful. I spent my second day walking from Big Ben, all the way down the Thames River to the Tower Bridge. What a great day.

I definitely need to go back.

New York City, USA


What else can I say? I have been three times. The city is alive with energy. The ads actually add to the landscape of the city. They are bright, vibrant and EVERYWHERE. I could spend an month roaming around Manhattan. No cabs, no subway, just walking and taking pictures.