June, 2013

Now this was the favourite trip to date. My mom and I in ROME, FORENCE and VENICE. Absolutely beautiful and delicious.

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PARIS, France -  My favourite place on Earth (so far)

Unfortunately I only had two days to spend in Paris, but I enjoyed and captured as much as I could, in that time. I have never been so in awe, and excited about a city.  Not even NYC the first time, which was very exciting. In Paris, everywhere you look, you see beautiful food, art, architecture, and history. J'adore Paris!

London, England 

London is wonderful. I spent 2 days walking around, camera in hand. I did not have time to see it all, but what I did see was beautiful. I spent my second day walking from Big Ben, all the way down the Thames River to the Tower Bridge. What a great day.

I definitely need to go back.

New York City, USA


What else can I say? I have been three times. The city is alive with energy. The ads actually add to the landscape of the city. They are bright, vibrant and EVERYWHERE. I could spend an month roaming around Manhattan. No cabs, no subway, just walking and taking pictures.