The process behind my recent ‘Reflections’ work is very organic and visceral: a journey on foot through some of the planet’s most visually arresting cities such as Toronto, New York, Paris, Rome and Florence, seeking photographic opportunities in store-front windows, restaurants, cafes, etc. This is the discovery phase; observing the interactions between space and architecture and design and, of course, people. I take into account the interior and exterior elements, and how they appear when overlapped. How do they look as one? How do the two spaces compare and contrast? Once I’ve chosen a moment to capture, I explore the dramatic changes which occur as time goes by and I shift my perspective.

While these pieces begin as photographs, I feel it’s imperative that they be painted. We see reflections constantly, but rarely do we take note of the detail within them. Our eyes are accustomed to concentrating on one space at a time. My paintings flatten the two spaces, creating an altogether new, unique image that is neither interior nor exterior, but rather a composition of shape and colour, light and dark. When they are combined, new and fresh things take shape and our minds explore the image in a new way.

Oil Paintings

Acrylic Paintings